Our Story

We are 3rd & 4th generation farmers living on the farm purchased in 1946 by Ric's grandfather. For many years the farm was a dairy, but now the farm raises hazelnuts, walnuts and grass seed. The pond was originally created in the 50's with the water used for irrigation of crops. The Pondview house was originally built in 1974-75 by Ric's parents. They enjoyed the house and location next to the pond for 40 years. When they needed to move to town due to age, we purchased it from them. We have extensively updated, remodeled and furnished the home for weddings, events and vacation rental. We feel the beauty, serenity and location of the home will be loved by our guests as much as by us!  We are hoping our guests will want to return again and again, and recommend Pondview to their friends and family.

Photo of Twigg Farm from 1969
Photo of Twigg Farm from 1969

Meet our Family

We are the 3rd & 4th generation of Twigg Farms.  Together we created Pondview as a way to keep this centerpiece of our family farm.  Brad had the fantastic idea to buy the property, keep it in the family and turn it into something amazing.  We are so excited to share this very special place as a unique wedding venue, event venue and vacation rental.


Brad & Kellie Bowsher ~ Ric & Sandi Twigg


What does a retired dairy farmer do?  Studies hard to become a successful hazelnut farmer and begins a new business venture owning a vacation rental!  Richard grew up as the 3rd generation on the family dairy farm, joined the farm at 21 years old, and bought the dairy farm in 1985.  He worked tirelessly to grow the farm from 80 cows to 500 cows over his 34 year career in dairy farming.  After selling the cows, Ric (along with his wife, Sandi) began to expand the 7 acre family hazelnut orchard.  They have planted 65 acres of hazelnut trees in the last 7 years.  If you drive by the farm you can expect to see him out in the orchards spraying, fertilizing, and working hard to keep those trees healthy!  At Pondview, Ric assisted in the house remodel, built the pier with Brad and his son-in-law Jonathan, and continues to manage house and property maintenance.  His tenacity to educate himself on current farm and business practices is his number one key to success and has been instrumental in the development of the Pondview Resort.

Aside from being a farmer, Ric enjoys ocean fishing for halibut, tuna, and salmon, crabbing, clamming, and taking the kids and grandkids out for a tube ride behind his ski boat.  Whether they are camping, boating, fishing, or hunting Ric can always be counted on for providing fun!


This city girl turned country girl is never left behind!  Sandi grew up near Gresham but has lived on the Twigg Farm since marrying Ric in 1974.  She and Ric raised 3 children, Kellie, Lisa, and Joseph on the farm.  In addition to being a mom and running the home, Sandi worked hard on the family dairy farm feeding calves, driving silage truck, assisting with vet checks, bookkeeping and helping with wherever she was needed.  She is a farmer extraordinaire!  In the hazelnut fields, Sandi assists with caring for the trees and is frequently seen out on her Kubota trimming suckers, spraying weeds, inspecting trees, and mapping the orchards.  Sandi's responsibilities at Pondview include marketing, accounting, managing reservations, booking wedding's and wedding site promotion.  Sandi's relentless work ethic, unwavering support, and accounting experience have been imperative to the growth of the Pondview Resort.

Sandi's favorite hobbies include spending time with her 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  She can always be counted on to play a game or host a family get together.  Sandi also enjoys fishing, crabbing, and clamming with Ric, water skiing, and camping with the family.


Brad grew up in Aloha but has quickly acclimated to being a farmer!  He attended Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Construction Engineering in 2007.  He married Kellie in 2006.  Soon after, Brad decided to take a giant leap of faith.   With Kellie's unwavering support, Brad decided to start his own home remodeling company, Sitka Projects, just months before Kellie had their first baby.  Brad's dedication, drive, and persistent hard work rapidly grew the company despite the severe economic crash in 2008.  After working all day at his remodeling company, Brad can be seen working in their hazelnut orchard, planting, spraying, or fertilizing.  Brad's contributions to Pondview include managing the house remodel, designing and building the pier, and continued house and property maintenance.  Brad's vision and creativity have been vital to the success of the Pondview Resort.

If he isn’t working, Brad is busy being coach and mechanic for Franklin and Elliott in their favorite sport motocross.  When he has a few minutes to play he enjoys riding his bicycle or dirt bike with his sons, racing motocross, camping, and taking his family out on their boat.  His infectious laugh can be heard for miles and his energetic spirit always contributes to a good time.


Kellie grew up as the 4th generation on the Twigg Farm.  As a kid, teenager, and young adult she worked on the family dairy farm feeding calves, driving silage truck, mowing and baling hay, and a myriad of other responsibilities.  She even helped build a barn!  After high school, Kellie played college volleyball and received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Pacific University in 2004.  Brad and Kellie married in 2006 then started a home remodeling business and had a baby within the next year!  Kellie does the accounting and marketing for their home remodeling company, Sitka Projects, while also being a mother to her 3 boys, Franklin, Elliott, and Charley.  Kellie and Brad bought 23 acres of the Twigg Farm and have began planting hazelnut trees as well.  They have planted 20 acres of hazelnut trees in the last year.  She can often be seen out in their orchard planting, trimming suckers, spraying and fertilizing.  In all her "free" time Kellie does the marketing for Pondview, as well as managing reservations, web site design and maintenance, wedding site promotion and wedding venue reservations.  Kellie's determination, work ethic, and landscaping proficiency has been significant in the evolution of the Pondview Resort.

When she's not working, or shuffling boys around to wrestling or motocross races, Kellie enjoys family dinners, camping, taking out their ski boat, reading, and relaxing by a campfire in her backyard.  She can always be found with a smile on her face, ready to help out!

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